Go West!

Our work mostly takes us to the east side of the country (and beyond) so we haven’t spent much time exploring to the west (though we have been to one spot in the mountains out that direction.) We took a quick vacation a few weeks ago to relax and explore a place we’ve wanted to go, and a few nearby spots that were bonus discoveries. It was nice to get away and have a break before the craziness of wrapping (and packing) everything up to leave for an extended trip to the US. And as much as we love Mira, it was nice to have a break from life revolving around toddler schedule (and energy levels) too, especially since we knew she was having fun with friends. (Thanks friends!) We’d love to take her when she’s older, but it turned out she’s still too young/small to do most of the things we did for now.

Without further ado, pictures from Paradise. Roughly 4 hours from where we live.

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