The Incarnation of God

The Incarnation of God: The Mystery of the Gospel as the Foundation of Evangelical Theology – Clark, John; Johnson, Marcus Peter This was a great book that magnifies Jesus Christ through and through. The authors emphasize again and again that we are saved by all that Jesus was, is, and did as God-man – not… Continue reading The Incarnation of God

Biblical Dogmatics

Biblical Dogmatics – Voigt, Andrew George (1917) This is a good little Systematic Theology from the early 20th century. It is from a conservative Lutheran position so there were some perspectives I hadn’t encountered before, but that was, in large part why I read it. I’m exploring this branch of Protestant Reformation thought at the… Continue reading Biblical Dogmatics

The Brothers Karamazov

My five or so year long quest to read The Brothers Karamazov has come to an end. I’m just glad it’s over. I devoured Crime and Punishment but this one never hooked me. Many people praise it highly, so maybe it’s just me, there we’re brilliant moments but on the whole it was one long… Continue reading The Brothers Karamazov

Ben’s top 6 books of 2017

Why 6? Cause it’d be disingenuous to give more than 10% the top spot. This year I tried to read in 4 categories: fiction light, fiction heavy, non-fiction light, non-fiction heavy. What made each category was a bit subjective, and sometimes I’d move an item to a different category mid-book as I found it to… Continue reading Ben’s top 6 books of 2017

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The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads is an entirely fascinating book. It’s extremely readable and covers a huge amount of time (a few hundred B.C. to today) from the perspective of the region of the world between the Mediterranean and the Pacific (mostly focused in Iran and the -stans). Fun and eye-opening, it makes me far more interested… Continue reading The Silk Roads

Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry

Jayber Crow is excellent and captivating. Don’t read if you live away from friends & family where you grew up, it will make you terribly homesick and long for a simple life in which people had sensible jobs that needed to get done. Sometimes fun, sometimes heart-wrenching story about the life of the Port William… Continue reading Jayber Crow – Wendell Berry

What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth – Wendell Berry

So Wendell probably wouldn’t approve of my reading of his books on Kindle, but what can you do? What Matters? is a decent collection of essays about stewardship of the earth, community, people, and so forth. I should have noted the better ones more carefully as I read but to the best of my recollection… Continue reading What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth – Wendell Berry


Ivanhoe is awesome and you should read it, especially if you love Robin Hood.

Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010

Coming Apart by Charles Murray sheds some light on two parts of America I don’t completely understand, finding myself between them both it seems. I’m no statistician so I skimmed a bit of part one, and probably would recommend others to do the same, go back & dig later depending on your interest. Basically he discusses… Continue reading Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010

Spurgeon – Dallimore

Dallimore’s Spurgeon is a relatively easy, short read that offers a glimpse of the life and accomplishments of CH Spurgeon. It is more topical than chronological, though within that constraint he does organized chronologically as much as possible. (Everything pre-Metropolitan Tabernacle is before that, most of his last days are in one section, etc.) However,… Continue reading Spurgeon – Dallimore