Ruth, Jonah, Ecclesiastes, Job, Isaiah

Benjamin has his plate full these days. On the unfoldingWord side, he’s reviewing the work of several new content writers. That has him looking at Ecclesiastes, Job, and Isaiah. This week (Aug 8-13) Benjamin also has meetings with the unfoldingWord team in Orlando. Pray for a fruitful time of focusing vision, hammering out issues that can be best talked out in-person, and in-person bonding and team-building.

On the Wycliffe consultant training side, he has been diving into preparations for working with the Ron language in Nigeria. This means reading the previous team’s notes on the Ron translation of Ruth and Jonah to gain a feel for the language,  the best way to address questions in notes to the team, and what sorts of issues might come up in translating the Old Testament. He has most enjoyed the linguistics part of this work, so recently he picked up a book describing the Ron language from the university here. Unfortunately, it was written in German and he hasn’t really done any German study since high school … so he found a way to get some digital help reading it. He hopes that will help him be better equipped to help the team with their translation. He also has an assignment to research the denominations and textual traditions of Nigeria.

Starting this week Ben’s team of consultants-in-training begins working on feedback for the Ron on their translation of Genesis. Each of them will review one chapter a week and make internal notes on any potential issues they see. Then they’ll review each other’s notes and have a weekly meeting on Fridays to determine which notes to actually send to the translation team. They’ll also get important feedback from the consultant mentor in the notes and during the meetings. So for the week of Aug 8 they’re doing Genesis 1, on down until Genesis 9 the week before they fly to Nigeria to work with the team in person, October 2. Please pray that they’d learn much and help the team draft an excellent translation of this portion of God’s Word. Please also pray that Nigeria would drop their some of their Covid restrictions by Sept 7 as they will create complications for the trip.

Shanna’s plate is always full with three littles, but praise, she recently finished an intensive graduate course in how to use art and Scripture to help people heal from traumatic experiences. Pray for her as she plans and sets up for the next year of homeschool and tries to think about how to best make this house a home for us, and as she cares for the kids while Ben is traveling.

In the middle of all the craziness, we did take some time to relax, recently climbing above the heat in the NC mountains to camp with Benjamin’s siblings’ families. It was nice to escape the 100+ degree drought in Dallas to be cool, almost cold, for a few days.

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