Profitable Trip, Safe Return

Thank you all for your prayers for Benjamin and our family as he traveled to meetings in Turkey with the Russian team. Everything went smoothly and he is back home now. The meetings were very profitable and positive. It was great for members of our geographically distributed American team to meet the even more geographically… Continue reading Profitable Trip, Safe Return


If this email looks a lot like our last one, it’s because we may soon be headed to Eastern Europe We’ve been telling everyone, “In the second year of Benjamin’s Consultant in Training (CiT) program we’ll be headed back overseas to be near projects.” However, somewhere along the way we kinda stopped believing that as the first year… Continue reading Passports!

Reasons to Celebrate

Over the next few months, we want to give you a glimpse of work that’s going on through unfoldingWord (the organization we are assigned to work with) in different regions of the world. This month’s highlight is: South Asia In March we had the privilege of being able to watch (from afar) as 15 communities… Continue reading Reasons to Celebrate

Training Arrows

20 Jan 2021 In our last newsletter, Benjamin was getting back from the twice annual in-person meetings and looking forward to some online consultant training. This time, we have big news: Benjamin is headed to the other of the twice annual in-person meetings next week and looking forward to some online consultant training in early… Continue reading Training Arrows