Our city from above

We headed out from work the other day to go see the botanical gardens, because it was probably one of the last sunny days we’ll have for awhile. However, due to a public transportation mishap (and an inexact knowledge of where the gardens are actually located) we ended up at the park up on the mountain above the city instead. Having found ourselves where we didn’t intend to be, but still on a beautifully clear day, and bundled up for the weather (though perhaps not quite enough for the windchill up top) we decided to take the hike back down to the city instead of standing around for 30 minutes waiting for the bus going the other direction. We found two things: stairs (Why, oh why do these people like stairs so much?) and some pretty fantastic views. 🙂


Look! There, in the background! That’s snow. Just in case you were wondering.


Look! There, in the background! That’s snow. Just in case you were wondering.




The  ferris wheel is part of the park at the top. We went on it last time we were up there, and the view is great, but no good for photos because of the glass.





Those little yellow buses are a significant feature of our life here.





I just thought these plants were cool.




This part of the trail looked kinda like home.




Clearly the path is used frequently… All the bridges did hold our weight though.




You can see the mushroom building there in the middle. It doesn’t exactly blend in with the rest of the old European architecture.








So this is where we live guys! (It’s taken me a while to get visual proof of the fact that we’re actually here up.) I’ll get photos of life down in the city up sometime. Maybe not ’til it stops being so cold outside though. (The Christmas/New Year decorations going up in the center may make me change my mind…)

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  • Amanda J December 6, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Christmas Decorations have a way of making the cold delightful. Delightful I tell you! :p


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