Spurgeon – Dallimore

Dallimore’s Spurgeon is a relatively easy, short read that offers a glimpse of the life and accomplishments of CH Spurgeon. It is more topical than chronological, though within that constraint he does organized chronologically as much as possible. (Everything pre-Metropolitan Tabernacle is before that, most of his last days are in one section, etc.) However, much like some of Dallimore’s other biographies, his attitude toward the subject is reflected so much in the tone that you don’t know if Spurgeon was that great, or if Dallimore is a great fan. This comes out most amusingly when he apologetically tells us that Spurgeon drank & smoked (albeit moderately). “These matters… seem sadly regrettable in the life of so righteous a man, yet in the name of either Christian honesty or scholarly accuracy they could not be omitted.” (pg. 182-183)

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