A Third Party Worth a Look

Shanna says I’m not allowed to make our blog a political blog, so I’ll try to make this my only one, but there’s a lot of time between now and November. I just want to take a moment to share about a third party I’ve recently discovered that I think is worth serious consideration for my and your vote.

I’m going to let the others who have written more extensively about it speak mostly, but just to wet your appetite, some of the reasons I’m considering voting for them are an emphasis on the local, a consistent pro-life stance [1], a clear pro-marriage stance, true freedom of religion [2], general international non-intervention, and a very strong emphasis upon caring for your neighbor [3].

So, check them out:
Official Platform (and then poke around their site)
One Third Party Evangelicals Should Look at Seriously
The Politics of Solidarity: A Case for the American Solidarity Party
Why I Joined the American Solidarity Party (and then poke around the site)
Can a Catholic Vote for the American Solidarity Party?



1. Including opposition to abortion, euthanasia, the military-industrial-war-state complex (which more Christians and conservatives should be), and the death penalty (in which I disagree, God calls for it in cases of murder at the least).
2. Which means the freedom to run all aspects of your life, including your business, church, schools, convent, etc in accordance with your conscience.
3. This is where I would pick at the most points, but it’s methods, not heart I have issue with. I’m pretty sure the government isn’t the way to fix society and help folk, but if we got rid of a lot of programs tomorrow, people would be really stuck. We need to be eased off the nanny state. I think they don’t have a strong grasp of how things like the Federal Reserve hurt the poor, but I’d rather work with a group that thinks the solution is local rather than national, and in a party that I think would be willing to learn how certain DC policies sound good but cause harm in vast but subtle ways. (Also, the internet is not a utility.)












Why not the major parties… [warning: rant]
Look, Trump & Hillary are so bad the Republicans & Democrats should have called a mis-convention and tried again. They’re wicked, they’re dirty, Trump is a wannabe dictator who would start WWIII cause he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, Hillary is a crook who would let it happen cause she’s getting paid off by the guy starting it, neither one is better than the other, and the “libertarian” is just a libertine who’s not at all interested in actually stopping despotism. I don’t buy the lesser of two evils argument when they’re really evils nor do I have time for the “a vote for a third party is a vote for Mr/s. Super-bad-person” fallacy (come on, no, actually I voted for the third guy; and if enough people didn’t buy that argument we could actually see some change!). [end rant]

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