The “hack attack” or “cyberattack” of Christmas 2020

The media rhetoric on this incident is really high, in part because Russia became the bogey man sometime between Obama telling Romney the 80s wanted it’s foreign policy back and 2016, but let’s be careful to call this what it is. Espionage. Extremely successful and sophisticated espionage, but espionage. It was not an act of… Continue reading The “hack attack” or “cyberattack” of Christmas 2020

A poem about our life

We’re here for the time being, I answer to the query— Just for a couple of years, we said, a dozen years back. Nothing is more permanent than the temporary. We dine sitting on folding chairs—they were cheap but cheery. We’ve taped the broken windowpane. TV’s still out of whack. We’re here for the time… Continue reading A poem about our life

Ezekiel bread

Some people are obsessed with making diet plans from descriptive passages of the Bible, like the Daniel diet or Ezekiel bread. I wonder how many of them make sure to cook the bread over dried excrement? Ezekiel 4:9-15

VPN excluding DNS

This post will probably only interest the very nerdy, tin foil hat subset of my friends. But I thought I’d share because figuring out the configuration took a lot of searching and trial and error. I like to use OpenDNS because it allows me to set filters for our family’s internet, which is just the… Continue reading VPN excluding DNS

Settling in

Coming back to our foreign home-away-from-home-but-really-more-like-home-sort-of has been good. There haven’t been any real shocks that I can think of. A major grocery chain went out of business but most of their locations have been taken over by one that was always cheaper. One major difference is that I have only taken a bus once,… Continue reading Settling in


I was showering the other day and noticed on the shampoo bottle the encouragement to turn off the water while soaping. I got to thinking about how ridiculous this was. Even in America, your hot water heater may not always get you the water exactly as you want it, and many showers have a separate… Continue reading Showering


Today I ran out to take out the trash and, after getting my shoes out for me, Mira stopped me before I could leave & patted her check. Apparently I had to give her a kiss… and then I tried to leave again & she said “ut-oh” and pointed to Shanna. ?

Happy new year!

And Mira slept right through the war zone we call new year’s here again. Huzzah for year round firework sleep training. 🙂 Also watching from the top floor of our building was lots of fun, only had to run inside ten mins after midnight to avoid explosions. 😀

White Thanksgiving

Actually no snow stuck but it’s not getting above freezing today and we got some flakes. Oh yeah, we’re celebrating today, I guess it’s not really a white Thanksgiving.

Psalm 68:32-35

O kingdoms of the earth, sing to God; sing praises to the Lord, to him who rides in the heavens, the ancient heavens; behold, he sends out his voice, his mighty voice. Ascribe power to God, whose majesty is over Israel, and whose power is in the skies. Awesome is God from his sanctuary; the… Continue reading Psalm 68:32-35