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We’re in America indefinitely, ask and we’ll give you our current address.

Several people have asked us, and yes, we have an address. You can ship us things directly using USPS (we’ve done this & know it works) or DHL or FedEx (as yet untested). Click here (secure side of blog) or e-mail us for our address. Please don’t forget to include the phone number as part of the address box!! (Otherwise we may never know we received it.) Letters or cards also welcome!

  • Here’s our wishlist with roughly current supplies, feel free to grab anything we’re out or low on:
  • out of running low have plenty
    • honey nut cheerios
    • Reese’s
    • french vanilla cappuccino powder
    • muffin mixes (lem poppy, apple cin, strawberry, choc chip)
    • brown sugar
    • kraft mac'n'cheese (only the cheese packet)
    • chocolate chips
    • taco seasoning
    • brownie mix
    • pepperoni
    • baking chocolate
    • goldfish
    • chicken noodle soup
    • honey roasted peanuts

    Mira’s wishlist
    Shanna’s wishlist
    Ben’s wishlist

Packages from home make us feel extra-loved and a little like it’s Christmas. So if you ever think of us… 😀

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