Nope, still Protestant, very Protestant

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Since I live in an Orthodox country and have long found myself drawn to high churchy things I visited services here in English and after the service got to chat with some of the westerners who had become Orthodox. They were quite eager to share their conversion to Orthodoxy and recommended Ware’s The Orthodox Church . I was told it was what really got them started on the path to Orthodoxy. For me, however, it’s done what often seems to happen when I read outside my own position – I am reminded of why I hold that position and confirmed in it. Sorry but I won’t be joining a church for which breaking the first two commandments is fairly foundational (worship veneration of Mary & saints via icons). Also Colossians 2:20-23 & 1 Timothy 4:1-4 might indicate that the Catholics and the Orthodox have been ensnared by demonic doctrines…

I enjoyed the read though. It was well written and I liked reading about church history from an Orthodox perspective (pt. 1) and there are definitely a few things that I want to look into more. For example, I would like to dig into the Orthodox teaching on the body. They seem to have a very well developed theology of the physical world and of its redemption. This seems to be what leads them into being iconodules, but I think they may have things to teach a western mind, especially in our new gnostic age.

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