God Protects

While we had family visiting this weekend we were all sitting out on the front porch. It was hot, so we had the fans running. At one point probably two-thirds of us were standing or sitting under or near one of them. Suddenly there was a loud noise and that fan started careening wildly. I… Continue reading God Protects

God Provides

We had family visiting this weekend so we had a little extra meal planning and scrambling going on. I planned to make a triple batch of a pita recipe I found so we would have 24 pitas. I enjoy making various sorts of bread, so I was looking forward to this. At the same time,… Continue reading God Provides

God is in control

Recently we had to do some child safety training for our job, Tim Challies shared that he doesn’t allow sleepovers, and I’ve seen a lot of discussion on pedophiles on Facebook. All of this has made me realize and think about a number of things. First, I’m very thankful for the environment in which I… Continue reading God is in control