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Mira’s First Birthday Celebration

We were traveling on Mira’s first birthday, and busy after we got back, but we decided that her first year of life was worth celebrating, even if it was a bit belated. They built a playground in front of our building early this spring, and our friends came out to celebrate with us (and watch Mira smash a cake.) Mira…

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Mira at 6 months

We’ve made it half a year now  with our precious handful. (Yes, she’s a handful all by herself, but awfully cute.) So here are some photos of Mira at 6 months. Threw the last one in there lest you think life is always smiles and giggles around here. 😉

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On the shores of the sea…

We went to the beach! Only it wasn’t the ocean, but an inland sea. We enjoyed just relaxing in the water for a while, but Mira on the other hand has decided she is not a fan of water–wild or domestic. We were wondering if she’d react differently to the beach than she does to bath time, but you can see…

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