Ben’s top 6 books of 2017

Why 6? Cause it’d be disingenuous to give more than 10% the top spot. This year I tried to read in 4 categories: fiction light, fiction heavy, non-fiction light, non-fiction heavy. What made each category was a bit subjective, and sometimes I’d move an item to a different category mid-book as I found it to… Continue reading Ben’s top 6 books of 2017

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Thanksgiving with Family

Loved the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with family again this year. It was great—full of food and laughter and lots of lounging around chatting—but definitely too short! Already looking forward to the next time we have the opportunity.  

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Joys of parenting

Went to a restaurant with friends on a day Mira got up two hours early and only took half her nap (one hour total). She fell asleep on the way home so we tried to just get her in an overnight diaper & put her down. A few minutes later she’s crying and calling, asking… Continue reading Joys of parenting

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I was showering the other day and noticed on the shampoo bottle the encouragement to turn off the water while soaping. I got to thinking about how ridiculous this was. Even in America, your hot water heater may not always get you the water exactly as you want it, and many showers have a separate… Continue reading Showering

The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads is an entirely fascinating book. It’s extremely readable and covers a huge amount of time (a few hundred B.C. to today) from the perspective of the region of the world between the Mediterranean and the Pacific (mostly focused in Iran and the -stans). Fun and eye-opening, it makes me far more interested… Continue reading The Silk Roads

Go West!

Martvili Canyon boat stop.

Our work mostly takes us to the east side of the country (and beyond) so we haven’t spent much time exploring to the west (though we have been to one spot in the mountains out that direction.) We took a quick vacation a few weeks ago to relax and explore a place we’ve wanted to… Continue reading Go West!

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Today I ran out to take out the trash and, after getting my shoes out for me, Mira stopped me before I could leave & patted her check. Apparently I had to give her a kiss… and then I tried to leave again & she said “ut-oh” and pointed to Shanna. ?

Happy new year!

And Mira slept right through the war zone we call new year’s here again. Huzzah for year round firework sleep training. 🙂 Also watching from the top floor of our building was lots of fun, only had to run inside ten mins after midnight to avoid explosions. 😀

White Thanksgiving

Actually no snow stuck but it’s not getting above freezing today and we got some flakes. Oh yeah, we’re celebrating today, I guess it’s not really a white Thanksgiving.