We took Mira to the Nutcracker a little while back and weren’t sure it made much of an impression, but this morning I got to sit and watch her be a ballerina. She (and I) had great fun as she twirled and hopped and danced around.

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Joys of parenting

Went to a restaurant with friends on a day Mira got up two hours early and only took half her nap (one hour total). She fell asleep on the way home so we tried to just get her in an overnight diaper & put her down. A few minutes later she’s crying and calling, asking… Continue reading Joys of parenting

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Mira at 6 months

We’ve made it half a year now  with our precious handful. (Yes, she’s a handful all by herself, but awfully cute.) So here are some photos of Mira at 6 months. Threw the last one in there lest you think life is always smiles and giggles around here. 😉

Back-to-Front (vid)

She got this far, then rolled back flat on her back, when she got this far again I decided it was time to capture! 3 months in 3 days.

Mira the extrovert

Mira met everybody at church today and hardly raised a fuss even though she was awake for quite a long time.

Mira’s first days

Here are some more pictures of Mira, from the hospital to coming home. Sorry it took so long to get them up, my hands have been a little full… 🙂