Mira’s first days

Here are some more pictures of Mira, from the hospital to coming home. Sorry it took so long to get them up, my hands have been a little full… 🙂

One hour old
The new dad and the doctor toasting with champagne. (The doc tried to get me to join them, since he was convinced it was the promise of champagne that convinced me to push harder, but I abstained…)
Ben figured out he could manage the baby and a computer game at the same time. Also, she looks like she’s in a little cocoon.







leaving the hospital, all bundled up because the weather forgot that it was April…
The car ride home. A friend came to get us so we didn’t have to take a taxi.


Meeting “Uncle” Sumith (as he’s informed us he’s to be known) who took us to and from the hospital. We probably owe him big time for the 3am trip…






  1. So beautiful! And how wide-open-awake she is for so young! You look great, Shanna! Congratulations to you both. Who are the cute little red-heads? Ben, babies are more fun than computer games!

    1. The red-heads are some of our colleagues’ children. I agree, though she’s not too exciting when asleep (but we think it’s exciting). Tonight I was changing her and joked that I’d give her a Steve Esmond swat if she wasn’t still 😉

  2. We rejoice at the safe arrival of your precious daughter. So thankful you sent this because I could not get on the blog through Safari.. So very happy for you both and know that she will be reared according to His Word. Praying for much wisdom and quick recovery. Love to all three of you! Andy & Susan

  3. Thank you for letting us share in your lives and joy through these great photos! It is pure delight to see you two as parents and Mira….love her already and look forward to meeting her someday!!

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