Books books books

Where portions of my life have gone (book – word count): Wheel of Time – 3M 304k Sword of Truth (books 1-6) – 1M 774k (estimate) Harry Potter – 1M 84k A Song of Ice & Fire (books 1-3) – 1M 48k Bible – 788k Mistborn – 712k Atlas Shrugged – 645k Les Miserables –… Continue reading Books books books

The “Promised Land”

I have wanted to read a book about the history of the modern Israeli state for some time, and probably a year ago I received My Promised Land by Ari Shavit as part of an early review program (I was a little late with my review due to a master’s degree and marriage 🙂 ).… Continue reading The “Promised Land”

Winter Trip Itinerary

For those interested, and especially anybody who will want to see us in any of these places, here’s a quick run down of our itinerary (flexible and subject to change): Dec 16: Dallas -> Corinth, MS with lunch in Texarkana Dec 18: Corinth, MS -> Dayton, TN to see the niece, nephew & their parents… Continue reading Winter Trip Itinerary

I Passed Comps!

Studying for comps completely took over my life for several weeks as I tried to cram in all kinds of theory, examples and authors’ names and dates they published important works. It was quite stressful, trying to hold basically everything I’d learned for my three core classes in my brain at once so I could… Continue reading I Passed Comps!

December ice storm

We got a nice winter storm that canceled school. Above: My car in the parking lot. Below: a tree fallen across the driveway to said parking lot.


We had a fun thanksgiving with Shanna’s family in Texarkana, where her grandparents are living now. Her sister brought two hams, only one of which we managed to eat less than half of, her grandmother made some amazing macaroni and cheese and her mom made tons of awesome desserts. Russell & I managed not to… Continue reading Thanksgiving

Getting Cultured in Dallas

Today Kyle1 came by telling us of a deal to get a Six Flags pass for the rest of the fall and spring – at a really good price (apparently). Shanna & I rather quickly decided that we weren’t terribly excited about it, however, we are taking advantage of being in a big city in… Continue reading Getting Cultured in Dallas

School & TAing

This semester my schedule is (roughly): Language & Society: July 15-Sept 15 TA for Grammar: July 15-Aug 15 Hebrew 2: July 15-Oct 15 A course on machine translation: Sept 15-Dec 15 Old Testament Exegesis: Oct 15-Dec 15 Massive exam which determines if I get an MA or not: all day Nov 23 So far I… Continue reading School & TAing

The saga of the phone

Sept 2012: Phone somehow gets sand under the power button at volleyball game in Dallas. Power button can no longer turn phone on or off. November 2012: Justin finds app so phone can be unlocked by tilting it – makes it usable for a while. April 2013: Old phone too frustrating and buggy. Use Russell’s… Continue reading The saga of the phone

Girl meets Boy

I was in school, training to head overseas, on my way out as fast as possible. I was headed overseas for who knew how long and not looking for any sort of relationship, because really, how would that make any sense? Enter Benjamin Wright. Ben will probably tell you (I’m guessing) that we first met… Continue reading Girl meets Boy