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S Tweet

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Shanna: Cultural differences: It’s completely acceptable to run by your neighbors apartment at 10pm. And their kids are still up.

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A higher love

Возлюбить (vahz-lyoo-beet). We learned this word in Russian the other day, and at first I was quite confused. The definition given was “to love,” but we already knew the verb “to love.” It’s just любить (lyoo-beet). How was this word different? Our teacher explained that this is a bigger love, a greater love, the love with which God loves the…

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Through the windows

A few views from our apartment, mostly while it was snowing. Unfortunately you could see the snow best in front of the not-so-aesthetically-pleasing buildings, and I was locked in battle with a terrible cold monster (*sniffle*), so I didn’t go outside to find a better spot. Not that our building is aesthetically pleasing either… And an evening view. You can…

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Our city from above

We headed out from work the other day to go see the botanical gardens, because it was probably one of the last sunny days we’ll have for awhile. However, due to a public transportation mishap (and an inexact knowledge of where the gardens are actually located) we ended up at the park up on the mountain above the city instead.…

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On missing things:

Thursday was the first time in my life I’ve ever missed Thanksgiving with my family. Over the past decade it’s been hit or miss which of my siblings would be there, but I always made it, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s the holiday where my family all goes somewhere together, somewhere away from TV (mostly) and internet. Where…

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White stuff

View from our balcony this very foggy morning. (Admittedly a long way off. We didn’t get any down here in the city.) Photos courtesy of Ben, because I left for a workshop before it was light enough to see.

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Thanksgiving prep

We hosted our teammates and friends for a Thanksgiving celebration (a week early) and it was fun, but man was it a lot of work. I had every intention of taking photos, but turns out I’m not very good at cooking and photoing simultaneously. Or hostessing and photoing simultaneously. Despite the lack of photographic proof however, we successfully (at least…

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Celebrating culture

This past weekend the city held the annual cultural festival celebrating its heritage and diversity. There were a lot of very cool sounding things on the schedule that we didn’t get to see, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Glad we went on Saturday though because it was rainy and cold on Sunday (even though our neighbor informed us that Sunday is…

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On Change and Constancy, a New Year’s Reflection

There have been so many changes in this year, many of them good, but changes nonetheless. Some days it can be a little overwhelming. Some days, as I watch people once central to my life become more distant, it is sad. Some days it is only wonderful. But the more years I have, the more I realize that change is…

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